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Hello guys, it's been a while!
For the past few weeks (and this one too to be honest) I am completely overwhelmed by work, studying, and a beautiful lady who among the three have been monopolizing my time.
I'll try to get back to DevArt asap and be active again :)
meanwhile, Ill put up a picture of the lady who stole my heart :)

Take care everyone! =D
Hello guys! 

Today, after 6month of beign a Deviant, I finally hit 3333 views =D
Thank you to ll those that decided to watch me, it's great to have people follow your work;
And thank you to all those that visited my profile, bought my pictures and in general supported my art :D

3333 times thank you =D
Yay! Finally got not just over a thousad views but even to 1111 views! =D
I'll try to keep publishing fotos and critiques, hoping you enjoy them as much as I do.
Well Deviants, what to say, I am very happy right now. In just a week I got 400 views a whole lot of favs and even 14 watchers - this is really amazing; I have been wanting to share my pictures and contribute to the world of photography for quite a long time, and finally beign able to, and have people who appreciate both my critiques and my pictures, truly makes me happy. 
Thx to you all! =D
Hey Everyone - I have been deactivated for a few days - nothing major, just some family discussions and such that led to me having to deactivate, all good now.
Well, today i decided to also post some of my writing on here - they are mostly short sotire, random paragraphs or sometimes even rants, but what the hell, this is deviant art =D 
I've been comign to this site for quite a while and have always been amazed at quality of the artwork. Since I am now studying, and as a student a few extra $ come in handy, I decide to try and sell my pics on DeviantArt. I'll probably also post free content, after all, picture deserve to be shared.